Your order & payment will be taken at your table.

Tips are pooled together & divided between the whole team. Cash tips are better for staff. Card tips are subject to government taxes.

10 per cent service charge on parties of 6 or more

For the comfort of all customers, we politely request that laptops & tablets are not used in the restaurant during busy periods, and at weekends.


C – Celery, D – Dairy, E – Eggs, F – Fish, M – Mustard,  MO – Molluscs, NA – Almonds, NC – Cashews, NH – Hazelnuts, NPE – Pecans, NPI – Pistachio, NW – Walnuts, P – Peanut, S – Soybean, SE – Sesame, SU – Sulfites, W – Wheat

Organic Eggs: Rod’s Eggs
Organic Veg: McNally’s Family Farm Rhubarb: Ryan’s Rhubarb
Wine: Wines Direct, Fíon, Le Caveau, WineMason
Sourdough: Tartine
Organic Milk & Cream: Village Dairy
Seafood: Kish Fish, Sustainable Seafood Ireland
Cheeses & Olives: Lilliput, Macroom
Meat: McLoughlins Butchers, O’Neill’s Bacon
All of our meat is Irish, locally sourced, and free range where possible.
Packaging: Down2Earth